Upsizing and Downsizing Jewelry

Upsizing and downsizing your jewelry is an important step to having a happy, healed piercing. Let’s talk about some of the benefits to getting the correct sizing for your new piercing.

Initial piercing

A lot of people want that really small, cute jewelry right off the bat. This is typically not a healthy option. Jewelry is chosen by the body piercer to be the correct length, and/or diameter to allow room for swelling. Your piercing will swell. Sometimes a small amount, sometimes a lot. Having jewelry that will allow your body to swell, and not create pressure at the site of that piercing will not only be more comfortable for you, but will prevent more issues for your piercing while it heals.

Trust your body piercer!

We hear the phrase “I don’t swell that much” quite a bit. While we understand you know your body, we do not want to risk your piercing to do anything other than have the best chance at a happy, healthy healing process along the way. Your body piercer will know the best options for you, and for your piercing when it comes to the size jewelry you will need initially.


It is important to make sure you downsize your jewelry in the time frame your body piercer gives you for that specific piercing. Leaving the jewelry from an initial piercing (typically a longer or wider diameter version of the jewelry you’ll wear once it’s healed) in after the healing process can cause some irritation, or leave you susceptible to migration. This is popular in cartilage piercings on the outer ear, as people often will roll over on them in their sleep.


When it comes to the sizing of your jewelry, trust your body piercer and have patience. Give your body the opportunity to heal the best way it can, and in no time you’ll have that super cute, small jewelry you are after!