We have several specials which are always available:


Buy 1 get 2 free piercings: For $30 we’ll do up to three piercings, just buy the jewelry. (Not all piercings included, ask for details)

18th Birthday Piercing Discount: Up to three free piercings, just buy the jewelry.

18th Birthday Tattoo Discount: Up to two hours of tattoo work at half price*.

* Tattoo discount not available at our downtown location.





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– Price quotes for jewelry can be done via phone calls or visits.

If you don’t know about our friends over at The Swan – Professional Laser Tattoo Removal you should check them out! (Maybe like their page too?www.facebook.com/tattoosbegone ) They literally have the best laser in the industry. It’s capable of completely removing tattoos or just lightening them enough to be easily covered. Their special right now is all first time visits are just $50**. Say hello for us when you see them!

** Time limitations apply, not all clients are suitable candidates