ID and Minor Piercing Policies

ID Policy (18+)

The State of Oregon requires us to take a photocopy of a government issued, photo identification card for anyone receiving a body piercing or tattoo.

Minor Piercing & ID Policy *

High Priestess will perform most piercings on anyone over 13, excluding nipple or genital piercings. We will not perform any piercings other than earlobes on anyone under 13.

Any person signing on behalf of a minor must be at least 18. They must be able to provide the above mentioned identification and be physically present to do so. If there might be any question of whether the minor getting pierced is over thirteen, (other than earlobes) proof of age (not grade in school) may be required. This can be found on some medical insurance cards, school/court paperwork, or a birth certificate.

Oregon State law does allow us to pierce emancipated minors without a guardian present, but they must first provide government documentation which indicates their status as emancipated. Both the ID Policy and the exclusion of genital piercings still apply to them.

Minor Earlobe Piercings *

The studio policy is that a client must be able to physically ask for a piercing. The piercer must feel confident that the individual is competent enough to both understand the aftercare and adequately care for the new piercing.

Tattoo Policy on Minors

Oregon law allows a minor to get tattooed with a doctor’s note. However, our insurance does not currently cover tattooing minors.


* Signing on behalf of a minor indicates the signer is claiming they have the legal right to do so. If they are not the legal guardians of the minor, they are effectively falsifying a legal document and may face legal action from either High Priestess Piercing INC, or the minor’s real legal guardian. High Priestess will cooperate completely with any courts, attorneys and/or legal guardians looking to take action against those falsely making such claim of guardianship.