We get all kinds of different questions daily. In fact, we like to say, “The only silly question is the one you don’t ask”. Here in our FAQ section are a few of the most common questions we hear. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the location nearest you.

Will it hurt?

Yes. Sure it probably won’t be nearly as bad as you think it will be, but why should we sugar coat it?

Will it leave a Scar?

The short answer is yes. Exactly how much of a scar however, will often depend on how well the suggested aftercare is followed. Taking care of a piercing properly, letting us downsize the piercing once it’s healed, not wearing cheap, low-quality jewelry, and coming in to see us if you ever have any issues will help minimize your risks of scaring.

If you’re inherently prone towards scaring; it should be reasonable to assume that a piercing will be no different.

Do you pierce… everything?

Of course we do! We regularly perform nipple and genital piercings on both women and men. At most of our locations you may also choose the gender of your piercer, if you happen to have a preference.

Is it normal for my piercing to itch?

Yes. An itchy piercing means it’s healing and is completely normal. You can always come in to see us (for free) if you fear any of your piercing issues aren’t normal.

How old do you have to be to get pierced?

It can depend on the piercing. Please view our ID and Minor Piercing Policy for a detailed explanation.

Do you pierce babies ears?

The short answer is no, but sometimes it can depend on the piercer. Please view our ID and Minor Piercing Policy for a detailed explanation.

Do I need to bring in anything to get pierced?

A government-issued picture id is required for all body piercings. If you’re under 18 then your parent/legal guardian must present one. Please view our ID and Minor Piercing Policy for a detailed explanation.

Is there anything else I need to know before coming in to get pierced?

Not really. We do have a helpful guide if you want more information on how to prepare and what to expect for a new body piercing.

Why High Priestess?

Because we’re awesome! But seriously, these days there are tons of places for a person to choose for getting a new body piercing. If you use price alone to determine where to go, you’re not picking the safest or smartest choice for your body. So why choose to go to High Priestess?

Besides having gone through extensive, two year minimum apprenticeships, all of our body piercers receive additional training whenever our industry has any updated techniques, procedures, tools, or materials. You can take comfort in knowing we’re always up-to-date. Additionally, our piercers attend classes (often teaching them as well) at the annual APP Conference (The Association of Professional Piercers). Piercers at High Priestess are in fact required to be members of The APP in addition to being certified in CPR and Blood-borne Pathogens training by The American Red Cross.

As members of the APP you can be assured we carry only the best implant grade jewelry for all initial piercings. We also guarantee our products and services. We offer free check-ups, jewelry change-outs, and removals so if you ever have any more needs or questions about your piercing we’re here to help you; seven days a week.