Reed Gaechter

Tattoo Artist

Reed Gaechter is a mutant metamorph with the ability to alter his physical appearance and voice at will to resemble that of any person he chooses. His power can also transform the appearance of his secret blend of tattoo ink, which is partially made up of blastocryptic molecules from a realm of reality far beyond our know universe.

Reed’s mutation to shape-shift has also made it so that his body is a Play-doh-like substance and he can reattach limbs after they have been severed. He also has limited telepathic abilities, which are enhanced by tasty jams.

He also harbors limited telekinetic abilities, primarily affecting a tattoo machine, which generally go undetected due to the subtle way in which they are employed. Upon choosing to work as a tattoo artist, Reed’s powers appear to be amplified, at least enough to do some really impressive realism work.
Splat Ter


  • Oregon Tattoo Artist License


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