Joshua Bryant

Senior Piercer & Co-Owner

Joshua Bryant and all of our Piercer’s have at least two years professional piercing experience. They are each State Licensed & certified in CPR, First Aid & Blood Borne Pathogens by the American Red Cross.

Joshua Bryant is Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Director of Human Resources and Senior Body Piercer at High Priestess Piercing. He’s been piercing professionally for over 20 years and is one of sixteen people in the state that hold a level 2 Specialty License for advanced piercings. He sits on the Board of Body Art Practitioners for the State of Oregon Health Licensing Agency and is also a Proctor for the body piercing licensing practical examinations held for all potential Body Piercers in the state. He has been a member in good standing of the Association of Professional Piercers since April of 2002 for which he has taught continuing education at the annual APP Conference and Exposition for the past 7 years. He is also an American Red Cross certified First Aid/CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor, a licensed Barber and a Minister of the Universal Life Church.

More importantly and above all else he is a father, husband, sci-fi/fantasy/horror fan, leatherworker and avid sitter. (As in the “sitting on the couch” type of sitter, because contrary to the list of crap you just read, he prefers to be extraordinarily lazy.)

He LIKES performing marriages for friends, coffee, kombucha tea, travel, pedicures, teal/aqua colored hair and sleeping.

He LOVES his family, friends, kids, hot and spicy foods, the pain of personal growth and sleeping.

He really, REALLY dislikes bigotry, poverty, the sound of people chewing, liars, greed, Internet Explorer, amber incense, crappy drivers, not having a bathroom conveniently located, The Mars Volta, Nu-Rock, red tape, splinters under his fingernails and NOT sleeping.

Joshua Bryant



  • American Red Cross Certified – Adult CPR
  • American Red Cross Certified – Preventing Disease Transmission (Bloodborne Pathogens)
  • American Red Cross Certified – Standard First Aid
  • Association of Professional Piercers – Business Member
  • Oregon Body Piercing Technicians License


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