Jessica Grosser

Tattoo Artist

Jessica Grosser and all of our tattoo artist have at least two years professional tattooing experience. They are each State Licensed & certified in CPR, First Aid & Blood Borne Pathogens by the American Red Cross.

They call me Jessica, Jess, J-Dog, and J to the Izzle. I hail from the land of Salem, where the rain falls just as often as the tears from the emo mall-rats. Tattooing to me is not just a profession, but also a family business. That’s part of the reason I love working at HP Salem so much; it feels just like a big family.

My parents opened MPG Tattoo in 1993, where I worked the counter and learned the ins and outs of the business. After graduating from high school I went through tattoo school there, learning from them. I briefly left tattooing for a “real job" with benefits, but after two years I returned to the family shop.

Some of my favorite experiences are with first-time tattoo clients, because I love virgins. If you come in to see me and I talk more than I tattoo remember to say “Pineapples" and I’ll get back down to business.

Outside of the shop I love spending my time cuddling with my Boxer Pit mix, Betilda Mae and my kitties, cross eyed Missy Meow and Fluffy Buddy Cat. My favorite color is bright. My favorite food is Skittles. I am a rap artist on Tuesdays between 3:42pm and 6:07pm. I am afraid of my body going over my head so I will not do a flip. I think that phonetics are under-rated and I pronounce things the way they are spelt. If speed walking were an Olympic sport, I would win the Olympics.

When I grow up I want to live in the tropics, become Miss America and travel.


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  • American Red Cross Certified – Adult CPR
  • American Red Cross Certified – Preventing Disease Transmission (Bloodborne Pathogens)
  • American Red Cross Certified – Standard First Aid
  • Oregon Tattoo Artist License


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