Curby Dickens

Tattoo Artist

Aliases: Cory, Curby, Curbylicious, the Curbster, El Curbarino, His Royal Curbness

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Preferred styles: Black and grey, especially macabre, horror, and creepy things with a bio/textural flair; illustrative realism, tribal.

Enjoys: Strength training, comic books, horror movies, AD&D and other RPGs, meat.

Grinds my gears: The willingly ignorant, unimaginative, doing anything out of irony.

Bio: I was born in Biloxi Mississippi and through a series of quests, adventures, and escapades; I settled into Oregon and made it my home.  More adventures ensued as I took on various jobs; process server, repo man, security guard, bouncer, dragon hunter, line cook.  I got my first tattoo in 2003 and immediately fell in love with every part of the process, to the point that by 2004, I was tattooing.  I bounced around a bit, here in Oregon, then Floriduh.  Oregon kept calling, so I made my return in 2010 and started working at the High Priestess Corvallis.  After a year, the powers that be opened the shop in Salem and I jumped at the chance to work in the town I settled in.  I have loved the last two years and am looking forward to as many as they’ll keep me around for.

Tidbit: I am an avid scotch drinker and love talking about whisky and gin.

Extra tidbit: I have a tattoo on the inside of my bottom lip that reads “dirty” due to my love of offensive humor, profanity, and because I was bored that one day.

Extra special tidbit: Secretly, I may look all big and scary, but on the inside I am a cuddly muffin.

Curby Dickens and all of our tattoo artist have at least two years professional tattooing experience. They are each State Licensed & certified in CPR, First Aid & Blood Borne Pathogens by the American Red Cross.

Cory Dickens



  • American Red Cross Certified – Adult CPR
  • American Red Cross Certified – Preventing Disease Transmission (Bloodborne Pathogens)
  • American Red Cross Certified – Standard First Aid
  • Oregon Tattoo Artist License


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