New Year New Us…. Sort Of.

In 2018 we are going to put a little more effort into our social media, with both the quality of content, as well as the amount. We will be doing a weekly blog to help bridge the gap between our clients, and all of the amazing things we do as a family through all of our studios. These blogs will be showcasing clients, jewelry, tattoos, artists, piercers, and more! We have recognized that a blog is a great opportunity to go more in depth with who we are, and some of the things we do, so were planning on taking full advantage of that in 2018.

Insert be Dylan Smith(Insert by Dylan Smith)

We are planning to be more active specifically on Twitter, Instagram, our blog, and our Tumblr. We want to be able to showcase the best of our piercings, jewelry, tattoos, and the people who make it all happen, and effectively reach as many people as possible. We have made a team specifically to handle our social media, as well as our content creation. You might notice a photographer taking photos while you get your new tattoo, or a new design layout on our website. We are also looking to bridge the gap better between all of our piercing and tattoo family. This not only includes our five Oregon studios, but also our family in HTC Tempe, HTC Phenix, HTC Uptown, Barbella Costa Mesa, and Ten Tigers San Francisco!

septum piercing by tania reed(Septum piercing by Tania Reed)

Were looking forward to growing even more this year, and we want to take you along with us. Here’s to a new year!

_JWW6257(Navel piercing by Zackary Weiss)