Jewelry Specialists

jewelry specialist

Collectively, High Priestess, Barbella, Ten Tigers, and HTC have all been asserting themselves as high quality, professional studios through out the west coast. Continually improving higher education in body piercing techniques, cleanliness standards, and new jewelry, our body piercers are extremely knowledgable in our industry. One thing that is often overlooked is our jewelry specialists. Our jewelry specialists are a breed of their own. The amount of knowledge, and behind the scenes work our jewelry specialists perform is often missed by the fast paced environment of our studios.

The responsibilities of our jewelry specialists are extensive. Their knowledge of their job, and the jewelry involved in the industry is apparent when you meet them to start the process of deciding what your next piece of jewelry will be.

Jewelry Specialist

The jewelry specialist is the first person you meet when you visit one of our studios, and often times, the last person you see before you leave. The jewelry specialist is able to listen to your wants, and offer their advice on what jewelry will be appropriate for that piercing, as well as choose the appropriate piece of jewelry in your price range. Our studios offer an extremely large selection of jewelry, ranging from more standard selections, such as our captive bead rings, to the more unique pieces, such as BVLA (Body Vision Los Angelas) custom gold pieces. 

Our jewelry specialists are also highly educated on aftercare options, be it the standard sea salt soaks, or one of our many other after care products we offer. They can help you choose a mouth wash for your new tongue piercing, or a wound wash spray for your new piercing in the event you’re traveling, or just looking for a more simple soaking solution.

Jewelry Specialist

When it comes to cleaning, organizing, creating jewelry displays, or even trouble shooting issues clients may have so that the body piercer is informed and ready to help with those issues is also a huge part of the jewelry specialists work detail that they perform everyday. When you want to buy a gift card, our jewelry specialists can help. When you need to hide a piercing for an interview, our jewelry specialists can help find you a safe alternative. 

Our body piercers work closely with our jewelry specialists to make sure that everyone is up to date on the industry standards for jewelry, aftercare, displays, and a number of other topics that help our studios stay at the high standards that have become synonymous with our studios. 

We love your feedback! Whether your visit to one of our studios was fantastic, or whether you felt there was some attention to detail missed, we want to know! Communication between our studios and our clientele help us to better understand our clients needs, and to be able to accommodate them appropriately. Next time you’re in our studio, consider leaving us a review, or sending us a message with any feedback you may have!