Children’s First Ear Piercing!

Getting your first piercing can be a little scary, but with a little preparation, and a knowledgable body piercer, that first piercing will be a fun, and safe event that will be one to remember!

Childrens piercing

Planning is important when you’re taking someone in for their first piercing. The best first step is to call the studio nearest you, and ask about children’s ear lobe piercings. The studio can help you plan out a good time to come in, look at jewelry, and talk with a body piercer that will best fit.

tanyah, childrens piercing

As a general rule of thumb, most of our body piercers prefer that for children, they are able to verbally tell us what it is they want, and that they understand the process. Comfortability is key here. We want that first piercing with us to be calm, comfortable, and clean.

colter, childrens piercing

We also encourage bringing in your child before you plan on getting the piercing. Let them meet the body piercer, look at our jewelry options, and get comfortable in our studio. We don’t want our studio to come off as a loud scary place. This also gives the parent time to get familiar with aftercare products, and procedures to make the healing time after the piercing go smoothly.

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