May Madness

October Back To School Sale

october sale

One of our biggest sale events of the year is almost here!
-$10 OFF All Piercings* – That by itself is a super great deal!
-20% OFF All Jewelry – Come on in, let’s make you sparkle.
-30% OFF All Tattoos** – This is a very rare treat, take advantage.
It only lasts through October 30th so you don’t miss it!
Then Come Down & See Us!
* Excludes earlobe piercing since that’s all they cost anyway.
** Two hour tattoo limit, any more would make it bananas. Not valid at the Downtown location.

Highpriestess Salem


Check out @bbpiercist at our #Salem location with the Mini Pleade set in yellow gold with champagne and mint green gems. Next we have a 9mm rose gold Tikal with pink cz gem and champagne accents. Last but certainly not least we have a white gold Mini Pleade with white cz and pink cz accents. All jewelry from @bvla  #HIGHPRIESTESS96 #HIGHPRIESTESSTATTOOANDPIERCING #PIERCING #JEWELRY  #APPMEMBER #SAFEPIERCING  #OREGON

Welcome back students!

Our annual 10-20-30 back-to-school sale is about to wrap up. Which means our annual fundraiser for local, non-prophet pet organizations is right around the corner! This event has raised over 15k since we started it just five years ago! That’s allot of good things that have happened for our four legged friends, thanks entirely to our amazing clients! If you’re curious who the money goes to benefit you should follow some of these links below:


It was a long time coming, but the new site is finally here! Thank you so much Jeremy Bronson Studios for getting it done for us! Now that we can easily create updates and move things around ourselves you’ll want to keep checking in as we add more and more pictures and other exciting content to the site.

Happy Birthday to us!

So we turned 17 the other day?!? It’s crazy to think of all of the changes we’ve been through over these years. We started out as just a small shop in a basement in Eugene and now we’re a family of nine studios, in three states with over 65 people! It really makes you wonder what we’re capable of over this next 17 years. We all can’t wait to change the world as we always have, one piercing at a time.

Welcome to our new webpage and blog!