Curated Ears: Our Favorite New Trend

Marilyn Mena-Scott

An article by Marilyn Mena-Scott of HTC Body Piercing, Phoenix, AZ

      As a body piercer I have seen plenty of piercing trends come and go over the years. Much like the fashion industry, certain styles will be in vogue at the moment, then will lose their popularity, only to inevitably be sought after again years later. Piercing is very similar, in which a certain piercing or piece of jewelry will gain widespread exposure (usually due to a musician or Hollywood celebrity) and clients will line up in droves, ready and willing. Some of us remember the Korn triple eyebrow, the Rihanna chunky septum clicker, or the recent Pintrest Behemoth: the Triple Forward Helix.

       Currently, the craze that has taken our industry by storm is CURATION, specifically ear curation. When we hear the word “curation” one normally tends to think of an art curator, hand-selecting pieces for an exhibit or gallery.  An ear curation session would essentially include a body piercer assessing your anatomy and then proposing piercings that would best suit you.  The concept is nothing new to body piercers, who have been assessing anatomy and suggesting specific piercings for decades. However, the practice only recently acquired a trendy name. I myself have referred to it as “ear styling” for years. I would ask clients if they wanted me to “style” their ears by removing piercings that were causing clutter, or adding piercings to balance an ear out. I would take a picture of their ear with my cell phone and then draw out different ideas right in front of them, showing them why certain piercings would work best and why others were not possible. Drawing on my phone is still one of the most convenient ways I have found to visually assist a curation. Picking out jewelry combinations would come next.

Curated EarsCurated Ears

(Curation and Photos by Marilyn Mena-Scott)

          To get the full curating experience, jewelry selection is paramount. There are many factors at play when it comes to putting together a cohesive jewelry ensemble. What metal tones go best with your complexion? Do you have a favorite gemstone? If not, would you want a subtle stone, or one with a high contrast against your skin?  Is your personal jewelry style more modern, bohemian, or is there an ethnic flare?  The jewelry being selected in some cases is even more important than adding another piercing. You can have your ear curated with jewelry alone and not even need to obtain a new piercing. Ear curation, hands down, is my favorite trend to date. It lets me pull to light the artistry in body piercing as well as my personal adoration for precious metals and gemstones. Although not all curations need to be performed with high-ticket items, the array and variety found in gold, as opposed to steel or titanium, is more extensive.

Curated EarsCurated Ears

(Curation and photo by Marilyn Mena-Scott)

      We have come a long way from the days of piercings being a sign of rebellion. Body piercings will always be a form of self-expression, but now they fall in line more-so with a fashion statement instead of strike against the status quo. Considering piercings only as accessories does take a lot of the depth out of body piercing as a whole. But, no matter how trendy you think it is, piercing will always be ritual. There will always be a sharing of energy, the shedding of blood, and a bond created. I have some of the best relationships with clients whose ears I have curated. You have to know and understand so much about who your client is and what they are about to make the most personally tailored choices with them. That connection is special to me, and I am grateful that this new trend helps facilitate more of these experiences.

Curated EarsCurated EarsCurated Ears

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Wedding Party!


Your wedding is fast approaching. You have your venue. Your dress is fitted. The groomsmen all picked up their tuxedos. What about the gifts for the wedding party? When a bride and groom decide to do gifts for the groomsmen, and the bridal party, often times you see monogrammed flasks, matching shirt cuff links, matching necklaces, or something similar. Why not get a little more personal, and get the whole party matching piercings!
Bringing your wedding party in to get matching piercings can be a great experience. It’s a day together of picking out jewelry, conversing, and bonding over this experience that is truly once in a lifetime. Going in and together choosing what piercing and what jewelry you’ll all wear for the big day is a much more fun, intimate experience than a day at the spa, or a personalized flask that will sit in a drawer for the following years. A piercing is something that can stay with you forever.

This can be amplified by choosing just the right jewelry. You and your best friends choosing to commit to not only a professional body piercing, but also higher quality jewelry, such as a solid 18K gold ring from Le Roi, or that custom solid gold end from Body Vision Los Angeles can create a lasting memory for years to come.
If you decide that the more traditional gifts are not for you, and you’re wanting to make a more personalized and fun experience, it’s as easy as walking into one of our studios. We have qualified and competent jewelry specialist and body piercers that can help you choose the perfect piercing as well as jewelry for you big day, and to make sure it’s planned out accordingly so that your experience goes smoothly.


Upsizing and Downsizing Jewelry

Upsizing and downsizing your jewelry is an important step to having a happy, healed piercing. Let’s talk about some of the benefits to getting the correct sizing for your new piercing.

Initial piercing

A lot of people want that really small, cute jewelry right off the bat. This is typically not a healthy option. Jewelry is chosen by the body piercer to be the correct length, and/or diameter to allow room for swelling. Your piercing will swell. Sometimes a small amount, sometimes a lot. Having jewelry that will allow your body to swell, and not create pressure at the site of that piercing will not only be more comfortable for you, but will prevent more issues for your piercing while it heals.

Trust your body piercer!

We hear the phrase “I don’t swell that much” quite a bit. While we understand you know your body, we do not want to risk your piercing to do anything other than have the best chance at a happy, healthy healing process along the way. Your body piercer will know the best options for you, and for your piercing when it comes to the size jewelry you will need initially.


It is important to make sure you downsize your jewelry in the time frame your body piercer gives you for that specific piercing. Leaving the jewelry from an initial piercing (typically a longer or wider diameter version of the jewelry you’ll wear once it’s healed) in after the healing process can cause some irritation, or leave you susceptible to migration. This is popular in cartilage piercings on the outer ear, as people often will roll over on them in their sleep.


When it comes to the sizing of your jewelry, trust your body piercer and have patience. Give your body the opportunity to heal the best way it can, and in no time you’ll have that super cute, small jewelry you are after!

Jewelry Specialists

jewelry specialist

Collectively, High Priestess, Barbella, Ten Tigers, and HTC have all been asserting themselves as high quality, professional studios through out the west coast. Continually improving higher education in body piercing techniques, cleanliness standards, and new jewelry, our body piercers are extremely knowledgable in our industry. One thing that is often overlooked is our jewelry specialists. Our jewelry specialists are a breed of their own. The amount of knowledge, and behind the scenes work our jewelry specialists perform is often missed by the fast paced environment of our studios.

The responsibilities of our jewelry specialists are extensive. Their knowledge of their job, and the jewelry involved in the industry is apparent when you meet them to start the process of deciding what your next piece of jewelry will be.

Jewelry Specialist

The jewelry specialist is the first person you meet when you visit one of our studios, and often times, the last person you see before you leave. The jewelry specialist is able to listen to your wants, and offer their advice on what jewelry will be appropriate for that piercing, as well as choose the appropriate piece of jewelry in your price range. Our studios offer an extremely large selection of jewelry, ranging from more standard selections, such as our captive bead rings, to the more unique pieces, such as BVLA (Body Vision Los Angelas) custom gold pieces. 

Our jewelry specialists are also highly educated on aftercare options, be it the standard sea salt soaks, or one of our many other after care products we offer. They can help you choose a mouth wash for your new tongue piercing, or a wound wash spray for your new piercing in the event you’re traveling, or just looking for a more simple soaking solution.

Jewelry Specialist

When it comes to cleaning, organizing, creating jewelry displays, or even trouble shooting issues clients may have so that the body piercer is informed and ready to help with those issues is also a huge part of the jewelry specialists work detail that they perform everyday. When you want to buy a gift card, our jewelry specialists can help. When you need to hide a piercing for an interview, our jewelry specialists can help find you a safe alternative. 

Our body piercers work closely with our jewelry specialists to make sure that everyone is up to date on the industry standards for jewelry, aftercare, displays, and a number of other topics that help our studios stay at the high standards that have become synonymous with our studios. 

We love your feedback! Whether your visit to one of our studios was fantastic, or whether you felt there was some attention to detail missed, we want to know! Communication between our studios and our clientele help us to better understand our clients needs, and to be able to accommodate them appropriately. Next time you’re in our studio, consider leaving us a review, or sending us a message with any feedback you may have!

Start Wearing Purple!

Start wearing purple

(Piercing by Jim Sens at High Priestess Campus) has announced that this year, will be the year of PURPLE! (Ultra-Violet to be exact) We thought it would be a nice idea to share some information, and some possibilities on how you can use that information for your next jewelry or tattoo.

What is Pantone?

The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service within Pantone that forecasts global color trends and advises companies on color in brand identity and product development, for the application and integration of color as a strategic asset. Recognized around the world as a leading source of color information through seasonal trend forecasts, custom color development, and palette recommendations for product and corporate identity, Pantone Color Institute partners with global brands to leverage the power, psychology and emotion of color in their design strategy.” –

Often times when a client is choosing new jewelry, the selection of colors we carry can be a little overwhelming. Being able to work with so many amazing, high quality jewelry companies that offer an extremely large selection of colors has always been a great service we are able to provide. With Pantone’s release of the ‘Pantone color of the year’ that selection may be just a little easier for you.

start wearing purple

(Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles)

The color purple is a color that may hold more history than you think. As mentioned in the article by Pantone on their website, purple has been used in the past by some very influential people such as Prince, and Jimi Hendrix.

start wearing purple

(Jewelry from Body Vision Los Angeles)

Wether you’re wanting faceted or cabochon, prong or bezeled, we have a lot of options in our studios to help you choose the right piece for your next piercing, or jewelry upgrade.

start wearing purple

(Jewelry from Anatometal)

This is an opportunity to jump ahead of the curve, and start changing into those fashionable colors ahead of time!

start wearing purple

(Jewelry from Anatometal)

It can be very affordable to change jewelry tops from existing piercings with new purple colored tops, or you can start off with new purple tops. The choice is yours, and the opportunities are endless!

Be it a walk in piercing, or a more planned out curated piercing, this may make things a little easier for you to choose your next color!

start wearing purple

(Piercing by Jim Sens at High Priestess Campus)

Children’s First Ear Piercing!

Getting your first piercing can be a little scary, but with a little preparation, and a knowledgable body piercer, that first piercing will be a fun, and safe event that will be one to remember!

Childrens piercing

Planning is important when you’re taking someone in for their first piercing. The best first step is to call the studio nearest you, and ask about children’s ear lobe piercings. The studio can help you plan out a good time to come in, look at jewelry, and talk with a body piercer that will best fit.

tanyah, childrens piercing

As a general rule of thumb, most of our body piercers prefer that for children, they are able to verbally tell us what it is they want, and that they understand the process. Comfortability is key here. We want that first piercing with us to be calm, comfortable, and clean.

colter, childrens piercing

We also encourage bringing in your child before you plan on getting the piercing. Let them meet the body piercer, look at our jewelry options, and get comfortable in our studio. We don’t want our studio to come off as a loud scary place. This also gives the parent time to get familiar with aftercare products, and procedures to make the healing time after the piercing go smoothly.

alex, childrens piercing

New Year New Us…. Sort Of.

In 2018 we are going to put a little more effort into our social media, with both the quality of content, as well as the amount. We will be doing a weekly blog to help bridge the gap between our clients, and all of the amazing things we do as a family through all of our studios. These blogs will be showcasing clients, jewelry, tattoos, artists, piercers, and more! We have recognized that a blog is a great opportunity to go more in depth with who we are, and some of the things we do, so were planning on taking full advantage of that in 2018.

Insert be Dylan Smith(Insert by Dylan Smith)

We are planning to be more active specifically on Twitter, Instagram, our blog, and our Tumblr. We want to be able to showcase the best of our piercings, jewelry, tattoos, and the people who make it all happen, and effectively reach as many people as possible. We have made a team specifically to handle our social media, as well as our content creation. You might notice a photographer taking photos while you get your new tattoo, or a new design layout on our website. We are also looking to bridge the gap better between all of our piercing and tattoo family. This not only includes our five Oregon studios, but also our family in HTC Tempe, HTC Phenix, HTC Uptown, Barbella Costa Mesa, and Ten Tigers San Francisco!

septum piercing by tania reed(Septum piercing by Tania Reed)

Were looking forward to growing even more this year, and we want to take you along with us. Here’s to a new year!

_JWW6257(Navel piercing by Zackary Weiss)

May Madness

October Back To School Sale

october sale

One of our biggest sale events of the year is almost here!
-$10 OFF All Piercings* – That by itself is a super great deal!
-20% OFF All Jewelry – Come on in, let’s make you sparkle.
-30% OFF All Tattoos** – This is a very rare treat, take advantage.
It only lasts through October 30th so you don’t miss it!
Then Come Down & See Us!
* Excludes earlobe piercing since that’s all they cost anyway.
** Two hour tattoo limit, any more would make it bananas. Not valid at the Downtown location.