Wedding Party!


Your wedding is fast approaching. You have your venue. Your dress is fitted. The groomsmen all picked up their tuxedos. What about the gifts for the wedding party? When a bride and groom decide to do gifts for the groomsmen, and the bridal party, often times you see monogrammed flasks, matching shirt cuff links, matching necklaces, or something similar. Why not get a little more personal, and get the whole party matching piercings!
Bringing your wedding party in to get matching piercings can be a great experience. It’s a day together of picking out jewelry, conversing, and bonding over this experience that is truly once in a lifetime. Going in and together choosing what piercing and what jewelry you’ll all wear for the big day is a much more fun, intimate experience than a day at the spa, or a personalized flask that will sit in a drawer for the following years. A piercing is something that can stay with you forever.

This can be amplified by choosing just the right jewelry. You and your best friends choosing to commit to not only a professional body piercing, but also higher quality jewelry, such as a solid 18K gold ring from Le Roi, or that custom solid gold end from Body Vision Los Angeles can create a lasting memory for years to come.
If you decide that the more traditional gifts are not for you, and you’re wanting to make a more personalized and fun experience, it’s as easy as walking into one of our studios. We have qualified and competent jewelry specialist and body piercers that can help you choose the perfect piercing as well as jewelry for you big day, and to make sure it’s planned out accordingly so that your experience goes smoothly.


May Madness

October Back To School Sale

october sale

One of our biggest sale events of the year is almost here!
-$10 OFF All Piercings* – That by itself is a super great deal!
-20% OFF All Jewelry – Come on in, let’s make you sparkle.
-30% OFF All Tattoos** – This is a very rare treat, take advantage.
It only lasts through October 30th so you don’t miss it!
Then Come Down & See Us!
* Excludes earlobe piercing since that’s all they cost anyway.
** Two hour tattoo limit, any more would make it bananas. Not valid at the Downtown location.

Highpriestess Salem


Check out @bbpiercist at our #Salem location with the Mini Pleade set in yellow gold with champagne and mint green gems. Next we have a 9mm rose gold Tikal with pink cz gem and champagne accents. Last but certainly not least we have a white gold Mini Pleade with white cz and pink cz accents. All jewelry from @bvla  #HIGHPRIESTESS96 #HIGHPRIESTESSTATTOOANDPIERCING #PIERCING #JEWELRY  #APPMEMBER #SAFEPIERCING  #OREGON